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There are 1721 institutions and 162 networks currently listed !

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The spectrum of recorded data ranges from cultural project funding offices via publishing houses, exhibiting halls and theatres to music and arts centres. Also included are cultural network organisations and their members as well as western European institutions which provide funding for the production of Eastern European art and culture.

"" - concept and structure
"" is arranged alphabetically, the texts are in English.
The descriptions of the institutions is organised according to:

  • Primary data such as name of the institution, department, address, director, E-mail and Internet address as well as a brief summary of the philosophy, objectives, tasks, etc. of the institution described.
  • Classifying each institution according to the respective branch of the arts : fine arts, new media, film, photography, literature, music, theatre, dance, cultural management, cultural assistance and financing, cultural policy, cultural mediation
  • Labelling according to the size of the activity : regional (within one country), national, bilateral, multilateral or international and regional (cross-border)
  • Keywording: agency, training, library/archive, consulting, specialist institution, fashion, research and development, in-service training, gallery, information centre, cultural work, cultural heritage, museum, network co-ordination, opera/orchestra/choir, project funding/support, project co-ordination, travel grants, sponsoring, grants programmes, sources of subsidies, theatre/dance group, translating, events organization, publishing, newspaper/magazine .

"" - query possibilities:

  • alphabetical "simple search" - according to country or institution (names) or networks
  • "advanced search" allows links between the criteria "country", "branch", and "keyword". For example the query can be made as to which institutions for/in Hungary award grants in the Fine Arts field (keyword: grants programmes)

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